DanceSport WA Rankings

Please view State Team Rankings up to the ADS Night of Stars Championship held on the 19th June, 2021.    

The DSWA Ranking Events for 2021 are listed on our Calendar of Events Listing.  If couples dance in an Open Amateur Ranking Event, they can gain points, and if they are on top of the Ranking for each open event they may be entitled to be in our State Team for 2021, provided there are NO Covid restrictions, as there was in 2020.

The Results yet to be tabulated are from the AID Annual Championship, on Sunday 8th August 2021.

The next Ranking event to be held is the ADS Super Star Championship, 19th September 2021.

For any enquiries related to these Rankings please email Jan Reilly at

Rankings as at ADS Night of Stars Championship 19 June 2021