W. A. Open Blog 10

WA Open 2022 Dancesport Championship

February 20th 2022 

Hi Everyone,

We are please to advised that the WA OPEN  is on



Please put the date in your diary and get ready for another great event.

We have super sponsorship deals available …get in early to get a fantastic offer. 
Contact Daele  0412 95 46 59.


WA Open Org Committee

W. A. Open Blog 9

W A Open

October 24th 2021.

Well ! we are done and dusted for this year and what a fabulous show it was.

Huge thanks to our competitors for entering and participating and helping make the Championship so successful.

Thanks to our supporters/spectators… parents, grandparents and all the family and friends who created an exciting atmosphere all day and night.

Thanks to our workforce , volunteers and adjudicators whose support is greatly appreciated.

Thanks to our sponsors listed in the previous blogs and programme… Hope you will be back supporting us next year.

Congratulations to our DSWA Award Winners.

Anna Di Vincenzo : Stuart Amphlett : Simon Mills and Megan Philpott. All excellent contributors to our Ballroom dancing industry .

Lauren , Maureen and Derek de J for their outstanding efforts. Thank You.

And WOW how absolutely wonderful to have a 20 person team from South Australia compete at this championship.

Thankyou all for joining us and for adding another dimension to the show.

Thanks adjudicators Madeleine Zoanetti and Rhett English and Annalisa and Siggi another Wow ! !

We sure hope to see you all again next year.

Since the inception of the event in 1986 we have had guidelines which we have endeavoured to adhere to ever since. Basically they are;

> To create the best venue and facilities for our dancers to compete in a fair and professional competition.

> To promote and present our dancers in a positive manner for spectators to view and enjoy in suitable venues.

> To try not to run at a loss.

Thanks again WA ; You are the best

Keep checking for confirmation for 2022 WA Open Dancesport date.

DSWA Organising Committee

W. A. Open Blog 8

October 21st 2021.

Hi Everyone,

2 days to GOOoooooo ! Wow !


Well , most probably the last blog for this years event and great news

Our prize pool now is confirmed at $11, 500

Sincere thanks to Pat Taylor for once again sponsoring $2,500 in memory of Mike Howarth.

Our organising committee and competitors really appreciate your ongoing support and sponsorship to the WA Open. Thanks Pat.

Back Numbers

Competitors don’t forget to pick up your number as soon as you arrive at the venue. There is NO CHARGE and DON’T FORGET TO RETURN your number to the numbers steward when you have finished competing.


Please read and tell your friends to read all the 8 blogs for all details and the very important HBF Policies.

So time to say “Good Luck” although luck does not have a lot to do with it…

The word T should be done and now for the P word on Saturday.

We wish you well and hope you enjoy the 2021 WA Open .

WA Organisng Committee

W. A. Open Blog 7

October 17th

Hi Everyone

SIX DAYS TO GO ! ! Woooohooooo

Don’t forget doors open at 8am on the day for the competitions to start sharply at 9 am.

DON”T BE LATE ! All competitors must assemble in the Marshalling Area at least 4 events prior to your own event . Don’t be late ….. if you don’t marshall you may miss your event. Marshalling area is behind the stage.

Change Rooms Male and Female change rooms are adjacent to the main arena . Best entry is through marshalling area .

Juvenile and Junior Competitors We have a complaint from HBF that last year young children were running around the venue and creating problems., Parents are respectfully asked to keep the children in the auditorium and areas designated for our event.

PROGRAMMES Coloured souvenir programmes will be on sale for only $5 each. Please buy one…….. all competitors names , history of past winners, our fabulous sponsors, messages from committee are in this publication .

Floorside Tables. Don’t forget ! ! These are for both day and night for the people who have purchased these tickets. DO NOT SIT at the tables if you do not have a table ticket as you will be asked to move.

TIERED SEATING There are lots of seats left in this area so contact Ticketmaster or just arrive on the day .

BUMS ON SEATS Tell all your family and friends and lets have a great event . The number of entries are fantastic and we are very pleased to welcome a team from Adelaide ……so lets get supportive of our fabulous dancers.

Please refer to the previous blogs for all details and HBF Policy.

Practice hard **** Slow, Slow, Quick, Quick, Slow

DSWA Organising Committee

W. A. Open Blog 6

October 13th 2021

Hi Everyone,

The Day Program is now available on our website dancesportwaevents.com in pdf format for you to download. You can also view a list of the Evening Events.

Day Program in PDF Format       List of Evening Events in PDF Format 

Also please be reminded that all competitors must be in the marshalling area behind the stage at least 4 events prior to your own event. This is very important, as if you do not marshall you may miss your event and we cannot wait for competitors.

With less than 9 days to go we hope you are looking forward to the LiveLighter 2021 DanceSport WA Open Championships.

Ticket Link at Ticketmaster

Just a suggestion to competitors please make sure you name tag all your belongings that you bring to the WA Open!

Keep safe and well!

DSWA Org Committee

W. A. Open Blog 5

October 10th 2021

Hi Everyone,

PRIZE MONEY. We are very proud to announce we have a prize pool of
$9,000 for Professional and Open Amateur events.

SPONSORS We sincerely thank our sponsors for their support and ask all of our dance fraternity to support them as they have support us.

Zahira Crystals


Daele Fraser Dance Studio

Z Flowers

Tilenni and Stiles Associates

Humphreys Dance Studio

Beat Street Supplies

Mission Burgers

FLOORSIDE TABLES Please Note : Everyone who has purchased a table seat is entitled to seat at your designated table for both DAY and NIGHT events. If you do not have a table tickets DO NOT sit at a table at any time as you will be asked to move. Thank you.


HBF STADIUM VENUE CONDITIONS OF ENTRY ( The below is very important and management will be enforcing their conditions ) Please tell your friends.

  1. No glass at all to be taken into the venue. The only exceptions are small make up and perfume bottles and they must NOT be taken into the main auditorium.
  2. Hair Spray Cans are acceptable but NOT to be taken into the main auditorium
  3. NO large bags into the main auditorium.
  4. NO sharp and or dangerous object into the venue.
  5. NO prams and strollers into the venue.
  6. NO Selfie Sticks, camera tripods etc. into the venue.
  7. NO Outside catering and commercial items (EG Mc Donalds, Hungry Jacks) to be brought into the venue.
  8. Anyone behaving inappropriately or under the influence of alcohol will be removed from the venue.
  9. Children MUST be supervised at all time and remain in the auditorium at all times.
  10. Hair and Make-Up must not be done in the Auditorium or Foyer.
  11. HBF and Organising committee do not accept any responsibility for your personal belongings.

    The organising committee request that everyone respects the HBF Conditions and to be assured that management will be enforcing their conditions.

    13 days to go ! ! Don’t forget to keep talking up the event. We need more “bums on seats” and there is lots and lots of tiered seats available.

    So buy now from Ticketmaster or buy your tickets on the door on the 23rd.

    Ticket Link at Ticketmaster

    Car Parking is free …….. Get there early ….

    Cha Cha Cha and a 1,2,3

    DSWA Org Committee

W. A. Open Blog 4

October 6th 2021.

Hi Everyone,

WELL ! We are not counting weeks anymore we are down to DAYS !

17 to be exact .

Entries have closed and we are very pleased to advise we have an excellent number of entries. Thank you all competitors for your support… please keep that going and tell your family and friends all about this fabulous event. Go to Ticketmaster and buy your tickets in the tiered seats where there is great uninterrupted viewing.

Change Rooms. Will be very clearly marked at the side of the venue.

Valuables . Please do not leave any valuables in the change rooms at any time. HBF Stadium and the organising committee do not take any responsibility for your belonging at any time.

Clothes Racks/ Tables . Will be in the marshalling area for your use if required and again we do not take any responsibility.

Marshalling . All competitors must be in the marshalling area behind the stage at least 4 events prior to your own event, This is very important. If you do not marshall you may miss your event and we cannot wait for competitors who do not marshall.

Water Station. Will be in the marshalling area and available for competitors.

HBF Policies will be posted in 2 days time ….so keep checking for all reminders and details.

So time to double up your practice time and lets have a fantastic dance event.

DSWA Organising Committee

W.A. Open Blog 3

September 23rd 2021

Hi Everyone,

Well, we sure are on a countdown with the Championship only 4 weeks away!




Please DON’T BE LATE. Our intentions are always to provide a smooth running programme suitable for all competitors and late entries do create major problems and inconveniences for everyone.


Floorside tables sold out.

Tiered Seating.- There are lots of seats still available. These seats face the stage and the viewing is excellent So please tell your friends and contact Ticketmaster.

Practice hard and keep safe …….234&1

WA Organising Committee

W.A. Open Blog 2

26th August 2021

Hi Everyone,

Once again we are all set for a great WA Open.   ******

The important details are on this website and as we have done in the past we will be “Blogging” latest news/ updates and reminders.  

So please keep checking ! !

Floorside Tables
Due to the popularity of table bookings there will be a front row and second row of tables. Front row $130 per person. Second row $110 per person. This includes a “High Tea Platter” and the tables are for 10 guests.

Daele has already received requests for tables and as usual the tables will be allocated on a 1st come, 1st served basis.

Daele will phone you to confirm your booking and the full payment for 10 people must be paid within 7 seven days..

So everyone please start confirming your table members.

Tiered Seating
Tickets are available from Ticketmaster from MONDAY SEPTEMBER 6th.

These seats all offer unrestricted viewing and a good/inexpensive alternative to the tables.

ONLY 8 weeks to go  !  !     >>>
           So please tell your family and friends and lets make it the best

Keep safe everyone   123,123, 123,

WA Organising Committee

W.A. Open Blog 1

26th July 2021

Hello Everyone,

We are very pleased to advise that the “LIVELIGHTER  2021  DANCESPORT  WA  OPEN  CHAMPIONSHIP” will be held on Saturday October 23rd at the HBF Stadium , Mount Claremont.

Please come back soon as more on the WA Open will be coming soon!

DSAWA Organising Committee