DanceSport was founded in 1998

To view DanceSport Australia go to  https://www.dancesport.org.au 

DanceSport Australia (DSA) is the official national governing body for DanceSport (competitive Ballroom and Latin Dancing) in Australia. DSA is made up of a National Council and State Boards. To view our  National Website go to  www.dancesport.org.au

DanceSport improves your quality of life. Through enjoyable exercise, that combines both sport and the art of dance. It allows you to improve your physical fitness, coordination, balance and helps address obesity in this modern age. Dancing is one of the most effective and entertaining ways to help improve levels of exercise. It promotes family participation, develops social interaction, and builds community relationships. It can transcend language barriers as music and movement stir the emotions of audiences.

Dancing requires no special skills, except the desire to learn. People of all ages, gender, abilities and culture can enjoy this wonderful form of dance from social dancing to competitive dancing.

Take the first Step - transform your life and "learn to Dance"


Our mission is to promote and develop interest in DanceSport.  To help support Australians to enjoy a sport which is good for mind, body and soul.


Our vision is to have the whole country dancing.  To let everyone know dancing is accessible to all.  Dancing is a sport that has few barriers.  Open to sight impaired, Para Dance and All Abilities.